Garlic Powder

Active ingredient
Alliin 2.2% Light yellow powder
Product advantages

· High content of active ingredients

· Preserve enzyme activity

· Low microbial limit

Product details

Garlic variety

Our company produces garlic powder using purple garlic with high Alliin content.

Planting management

We selects garlic from Jinxiang County, the hometown of garlic, and conducts garlic seed selection, planting, field management, harvesting, and storage in accordance with Global GAP requirements.  heavy metals meet the national GB 2762 food pollutant limit requirements, and the pesticide residue meets GB 2763 Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food,tested by the Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Jining Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Unique Alliin repair technology

Based on our company's years of production experience, using our unique Alliin repair technology, the Alliin content in garlic can increase by more than 30%.

Production process

Through more than ten years of research and production, our company has the following characteristics in the production process of garlic powder:

(1)Established a garlic powder production line in accordance with GMP requirements and obtained a food production license;

(2)Established a quality management system according to ISO9001, obtained a food production license, passed ISO 22000 food safety management system certification, food production enterprise export filing certificate, and Kosher certification for Kosher;

(3)The cleaning, disinfection, and drying of garlic are carried out in the clean area. The dried garlic slices are stored, crushed, screened, mixed, and packaged in the clean area to ensure that the product is free from foreign objects and microbial contamination.

Quality characteristics

1.High content of active ingredients

Our company uses fresh garlic (with high content) to produce garlic powder through advanced technology, which can fully retain the effective ingredients of garlic (Alliin content not less than 2.2%, Alliin content not less than 1.0%, far higher than USP (Alliin content not less than 0.3%) and EP standards (Allicin content not less than 0.45%)

2. Preserve enzyme activity

Our company's products retain the enzymatic activity of garlic, and Allicin is known as a natural antibiotic,produced by the reaction between Alliin and alliinase in the body .

3. Low microbial limit

Our company strictly controls the microbial limit in our products, and all products are tested according to internal control standards before being released.

Table 1 Microbial Internal Control Standards

Jule Internal Control Standards
Bacteria cfu/g≤10000
Mold cfu/g≤20
Yeast cfu/g≤20
Escherichia coli MPN/g≤3.0
Escherichia coliNot detectable
SalmonellaNot detectable

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